Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Princess Bride

This summer I had a princess bride. She was stunning. No, breathtaking. Like a vision. She lived out of state, so the first time I met her, she was being photographed in her princess dress and tiara, in the Rocky Mountains, on a magestic sort of boulder, surounded by aspen trees, backlit by sunlight. Her tiara sparkled like diamonds. Perhaps they were.

She is the Fort Worth Opera studio soprano. She sings. I wish I could have heard her. I was told she was going to sing to her new husband at the reception. Missed it. By reception time, I am far away, down the mountain. I guess there is always youtube for me.

Thank you to Jessica Adler at JAS Special Events, The Historic Stanley Hotel and Susan Pacek Photography for the stunning images. Heart. Sarah

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