Thursday, January 29, 2015

My First Negative Google Review, and How I Survived.

i almost didn't. plain and simple.

this summer, i will surpass the 850 mark. yup. 850 weddings. 1. one negative review. i knew the day would come. it was bound to happen. its basic math. bummer.

the worst part is that the writer never called me. i never ever knew she was unhappy. shouldn't i have been the first to know? shouldn't i have been given the chance to make things right? in my little primrose world, the answer is yes.

i tried reaching out. telephone. email. nothing.

i obsess about things like this. things i can't control. i strive for perfection. i strive for impeccable customer service. every single one of us here. ask my girls.

i love my brides. i want them to love me in return. the only power i can have over this powerless situation is to love her for her statement. love her for her action and perhaps that love will give her the courage to call. to talk. to sort things out. to resolve.

there is nothing more important than love.

Friday, July 11, 2014

one step closer....

i have died everyday waiting for you,
darling don't be afraid....

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I believe in love...

...and I see it everyday of my life. So much in fact that now and then I need to keep myself in check and watch a scary movie to find some balance. Seriously. I live in a beautiful bubble. Love. Love. Love. Now mind you, I meet dozens and dozens of engaged couples a year. I have attended hundreds of weddings. At the shop, I witness tender moments. I witness kind and gentle hearts, every single day. If the blue velvet couch in my little flower shop had a voice, it would whisper, "love lives here."

I believe in love. I have experienced it. I have also experienced total and complete heartbreak. Sometimes they go hand in hand. The key is to move on. Forgive and believe. Open your heart. Life is so damn short. Let your heart beat fast. Find that someone who makes time, stand, still. Who, when you gaze into their eyes makes you forget everything else. Simply everything.

Do not be afraid dear friend. Jump.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

The Flower Shop Girl...

What is that thing, that chemistry thing? That thing that hits you and knocks you off balance. That moment when the world changes and the sun is brighter, the darkness is light. Can you touch it? Can you grasp it in the palm of your hand? Bottle it, like a fragrance and you would find wealth. Eternal riches. How does it find you and find both of you at the same time? What is that?

The strength to become vulnerable. To take steps after pain. To forgive and heal. To walk. Run.

It is hope. Hope and that twin, love. Forgive someone. Forgive yourself. Most.

Love is all there is. Love is in the first kiss. The eyes, perhaps green, perhaps blue or brown. Love is in the blossom of the spring bud. Sigh, breathe and love. Just love.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Painted Primrose Love Locks

I met two lovers who became engaged on a bridge in the city of Paris. They fastened a lock to the bridge as a sign of their commitment and undying love. They tossed the key into the river never to be found again. My heart skips a beat and flickers when my wedding couples share their love story with me.

In honor of love and romance, I have decided to give each and every one of my wedding couples, this year, a vintage padlock and key. I will inscribe their name on the padlock and permanently fasten it to my wedding arch at the Painted Primrose. I will have the key hand delivered to the couple on their wedding day as a token of our appreciation and belief in their love. It will be so exciting to view, over time, the collection. Cheers to love, cheers to romance, cheers to you. Sarah

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Lace is the new black and how leonardo dicaprio changed my life..

swoon. thank you leonardo for being obsessed with daisy. you changed my life. just when I couldn't bear to look at another photo of the ruched wedding dress with rhinestone brooch, I was swept off my feet. I shall never be the same again. every bride that I have booked for 2014, I mean every single bride has been influenced by this movie. every dress is romantic, timeless and just plain lovely.

lace, lace, and lace.

goodbye wildflower bouquets. ugh. (toss those into the boulder creek.) hello garden roses, hydrangea, peonies, café au lait dahlias and fluffy ranunculus. I love you. you are what my dreams are made of.

in love with flowers and lace, and of coarse vera wang dresses,

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Monday, May 27, 2013

i do solemnly promise....

to blog again. Sorry for my absence.

This is a bouquet I designed for an inspiration photo shoot. It was titled "Sunday Morning Bridal Brunch." My mind keeps referring to it as "le vie and rose."  It all turned out so romantic, soft an vintagey, somewhere between a mix of Downton Abbey - England, France and Italy. Somewhere in the land of pure romance. I provided the blooms, the props and the styling for these shots.

This soft romantic style is where I excel as a floral designer. Its were I dream and live and breathe. It keeps me awake at night with visions of quiet shades of pink, peaches and ivories. In the dark, their perfumed fragrances waft thru my brain when I close my eyes. They whisper my name. My mind never quiets. They are my passion. Perhaps, my obsession.

photo credit by tess pace photography
event coordinator calluna events
location rembrandt yard
gown maggie evans designs

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